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Solutions for polyurethane foam


In our commitment to meeting the specific needs of the polyurethane foam industry, we have developed a range of specialized adhesives, embodying technical avant-garde and chemical precision. These products are the result of extensive research and innovation in the field of polymers and industrial adhesives, offering optimum solutions for a variety of applications in the polyurethane foam sector.

  1. Vinyprene B300/SF: This non-flammable adhesive based on synthetic rubber polymers is designed for fast, effective adhesion, essential in the manufacture of mattresses and benches. Its advanced formulation guarantees consistent performance, meeting the rigorous demands of the comfort industry.
  2. Vinyprene 09/300: Designed for clamping foams, this non-flammable adhesive incorporates synthetic rubber polymers to provide flexible, long-lasting adhesion. It is ideal for applications requiring resilient bonding and high shear strength.
  3. Vinyprene B600/S: Versatile and fast-setting, this synthetic rubber-based adhesive is suitable for a wide range of applications, from polyurethane foam to metal and wood assemblies, offering robust adhesion and exceptional resistance.
  4. Screen printing ink: Our vinyl screen printing ink is optimized for printing on polyurethane foam, offering superior adhesion and increased resistance to chemical and physical agents, guaranteeing unrivalled print quality.
  5. Hot melt adhesive: Designed specifically for the mattress and baby care industries, this hot melt adhesive features strong adhesion, moisture resistance and the ability to maintain consistent performance under variable temperatures.

Our range of adhesives for the polyurethane foam industry reflects our technical expertise and our commitment to innovation and quality. We continue to evolve with the industry, providing adhesive solutions that set standards in performance, safety and environmental friendliness.