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Our complementary products


Thinners are used to reduce the viscosity of paints, varnishes, inks and adhesives. They can be used to adjust product fluidity.


– Ease of use

– Easy mixing

– Precise viscosity adjustment

– Controlled drying


Thinners are used for :

– Thinning alkyd and acrylic resin paints

– Adjusting the viscosity of printing inks

– Thinning glycerophthalic or polyurethane varnishes

– Preparing glues and adhesives

Cleaning solvents

For cleaning and degreasing metal and plastic parts.


– High solvent power for greases and residues

– Fast drying

– Leaves no trace

– Characteristic odor


– Degreasing mechanical parts before painting

– Crowd and tool cleaning in industry

– Fabric and carpet stain removal

Solvents for sole treatment

Allows chemical activation of soles before gluing.


– Improves glue adhesion

– Increases bond strength

– Suitable for rubber and PVC soles

– Fast drying


– Preparing shoe soles before gluing

– Increased glue/sole adhesion

– Pre-treatment of rubber or PVC soles

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