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Our glues

Polychloroprene adhesives

Polychloroprene adhesives, also known as neoprenes, are high-performance adhesives based on polychloroprene rubber and tackifying resins. They bond easily to many materials at room temperature.


– Application and setting at room temperature

– Easy to use, even on construction sites

– Excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials

– Immediate use

– Easy to use with simple equipment


Polychloroprene adhesives are ideal for :

– Shoe and leather goods manufacturing

– Gluing carpets and floor coverings

– Furniture (upholstered seats, laminates)

– Sandwich panels (construction, insulation)

– Automotive industry (dashboards)

Polyurethane adhesives

Polyurethane adhesives are available in solvent, water or 100% solids phase. Their variable properties make them suitable for bonding a wide range of materials.


– Formulation tailored to your needs

– Excellent adhesion to plastics, metals

– Heat and cold resistance

– Resistance to oils, greases and solvents


These versatile adhesives are suitable for :

– Gluing soles (shoes)

– Plastic film lamination

– Glass/metal bonding (automotive)

– Plastic/plastic assemblies

– Sports flooring

– Automotive filters

Vinyl Glues

These are white glues in an aqueous medium.


– Good peel strength

– Ease of use

– Non-flammable, non-toxic

– Great flexibility of use

– Highly suitable for bonding fibrous materials

– Good resistance to ageing


These white glues are mainly used in :

– Wood and furniture: veneers and wood assemblies

– Packaging and paper-cardboard converting

– Building: bonding wall coverings and parquet flooring

Hot Melt

These thermoplastic adhesives are solid at room temperature. They liquefy between 140°C and 170°C depending on the formula.


Almost immediate grip

Easy storage in solid form

No solvents

Moisture and frost resistance


Hot melt adhesives are used for :

Furniture and wood veneers

Cardboard packaging, bookbinding, textiles

Glass and plastic bottle labelling

Polyurethane foam


Environmentally-friendly self-adhesive coating

Industrial bonding


Dextrins are plant-based adhesives extracted from corn or potato starch. They form colorless liquid glues when dissolved in water.


Natural origin

Ease of use

Low cost



Dextrins are used for :

Paper-to-board lamination, particularly for packaging applications

Gluing paper mill cores

Exfoliation of envelopes, stamps, etc.

Natural and synthetic latex

These are aqueous emulsions based on synthetic rubber or natural latex.


Good adhesion to many materials

Drying at room temperature

Easy spray application

Environmentally friendly


These contact adhesives are suitable for :

Shoe manufacturing

Carton gluing

Envelope assembly

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