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Glues for Shoes and Insoles

At Intercolles, we’re proud to present our specialized range of adhesives for the footwear and leather goods industry. Our products are designed to meet the specific needs of these demanding sectors, offering solutions that are both innovative and reliable.

Our polychloroprene and polyurethane adhesives represent the very best in adhesive technology. They are available in cold and hot versions, adapted to the different manufacturing stages in the footwear and leather goods industries.

Vinyprene P2006, P2000
Discover our high-performance polyurethane adhesive, ideal for PVC and PU soles, and for TR and SBR soles after chemical “halogenation” treatment. With a drying time of 15 to 20 min and a reactivation temperature of 60 to 70°C, this adhesive can be reactivated by the butane flame, ensuring long-lasting, effective adhesion.

Our fluid polyurethane impregnator, PRIMAIR PU, is specially designed to treat highly porous and absorbent skins, guaranteeing optimum adhesion and a quality finish.

Vinoprene 15S
Vinypréne 15S is the ideal choice for rod assembly, especially with greasy skins. This fast-crystallizing polychloroprene adhesive offers excellent cohesive strength, with a viscosity of 1500 cps and an open time of 15-20 min.

Vinypréne 06 and 07
Our Vinypréne 06 and 07 polychloroprene adhesives are ideal for the foam and footwear industries, especially for filling and preparation. With viscosities of 1500 cps and 2000 cps respectively and open times of > to 45 min, they ensure reliable, long-lasting adhesion.

Vinoprene 08
Specially designed for bonding leathers and polyurethane foams, Vinypréne 08 is also a preferred choice for leather goods, offering strong, long-lasting adhesion.

Vinoprene 10
Vinypréne 10 is the solution for even the most difficult operations and rod assembly. This fast-crystallizing polychloroprene adhesive has an open time of 20-30 min, ideal for demanding applications.

At Intercolles, our commitment is to provide the highest quality bonding solutions, tailored to the specific needs of the footwear and leather goods industry. We are dedicated to innovation and customer satisfaction, offering reliable, high-performance products for all your manufacturing requirements.

To solve all your technical adhesive problems, contact us at +212 6 62 14 37 43 or by whatsapp. You can also send an e-mail to or visit our production sites in Aïn Sebaâ and Bouskoura.